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Welcome to the online home of Christopher Vitale, Assistant Professor of Media and Critical/Visual Studies at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. For more on, see Pratt’s M.A. Program in Media Studies, see here.

The primary aim of this site is to act as a platform for the development of my primary endeavor, Networkologies, a project to articulate a new philosophy of networks for our hyperconnected age.

The first volume of this project, entitled Networkologies:  A New Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age, is under contract to be published by Zer0 books in Summer  2013. Before having written this introduction to the networkological project, however, I wrote a book-length preface to the project, which I put on hold until I could finish this. This book, entitled The Networked Mind: Artificial Minds, Cognitive Science, and Post-Structuralist Philosophy, is essentially complete, and needs minor editorial work.

Furthermore, plans are in the works for additional volumes entitled The Networked Image: Lacan, Deleuze, Film, and Beyond, a short book based on a popular class I teach at Pratt, and a series of essays based on many of my mini-article blog posts (see the sidebar of this site), entitled Nodularities: Towards a Networked Theory of Culture. Currently I plan to put these shorter works together before finishing volumes two and three of the primary networks trilogy.

For updates on works in progress, see the links on the sidebar. For more on my recent thoughts, please check out my blog, as well as the list of mini-articles listed on the sidebar, categorized by topics. For more information on these and related projects, please contact me at chris962x@gmail.com.



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