New: Table of Contents for the new book

Well, as of tonight, the text is basically done. The last holes have been filled in, everything seems consistent, at least from what I can tell, so it seems all that needs to be done now is write a quickie introduction, and then give it a once over for consistency, then get ready to send out prospectus to some publishers. Woohoo! Still, that’ll prob take me a little while to do, especially as grading is gonna get pretty crazy pretty soon. Anyway, the table of contents is listed below, to give folks an idea of what’s in the pipe. Looking forward to getting this out there!


Networkologies: Towards a Philosophy of Networks – A Manifesto

Introduction: postructuralism, speculative realism, networkologies

[[diagrammatology]] [principles] Relation, Process, Refraction [forms] Method, Discipline, Text, Discourse, Networkologies, Groundings [diagrammatology] Diagram, Fuzziness, Intensity, Topology, Combination, Symmetry, Difference, Identity, Societies, Combinatories, Dynamics, Systems, Genetics, Levels

[[matrixology]] [extension and appearance] Matrix, Extension, Mattering, Actuality, World, Self-Differing, Obstacle, Potential, Privacy, Mind [mnemosystemics and combinatorics] Memory, Intertwining, Form, Structure, Virtuality, Understanding, Affection, Mentalities, Complexity, Life, Evolution, Persons, Perception, Reference, Awareness, Qualities, Experience, Excess, Brains, Consciousness, Self-Consciousness, Wideware, Quasi-Life, Plexes, Culture, Semiotics, Mediology, Meaning, Psychology, Emotions, Mental Structures, Emotional Structures, Psyche, Metabolics, Reflection, Intuition, Praxis, Knowledge, Adaptation, Problematics, Critique, Experimentation, Landscape, Meta-Understanding, Philosophy, Meta-Philosophy, Relationalism, Fundament, Synergy [freedom and opening] Freedom, The Virtual, Universe, Opening, Generation

[[network ethics]] [metaleptics] Ethics, Value, Attribution, Proto-Value, Control, Development, Regulation, Diversity, Learning, Programming, Cultural Evolution, Supra-plexes, Meta-Evolution, Paranoia, Paranoid Social Structures, Capitalism, Limitation, Meta-Robustness, Liberation, Choice, Trust, Exchange, Leap, Metalepsis, Historicity, Call, Embeddedness [practics] Maxim, Practics, Heuristics, Evaluation, Duty, Example, Pain, Pleasure, Curiosity, Therapeautics, Clinic, Social Practics, Network Analysis, Democracy, Socialism, Competition, Political Practics, Cross-Activism, Articulation, Discourse of the Oppressed, Access, Pedagogy, Education, Academics, The Public Intellectual, Ways of Knowing, Hope, Art, Inspiration, Aesthetics, Production, Creation, Pataphysics, Decision, Paradox, Catastrophe, Appeal, Pax Capitala, The Age of Networks, god, Commitment

~ by chris on April 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “New: Table of Contents for the new book”

  1. looks really interesting, do you know when this will be available?

  2. […] this, because the networkological approach I’m working on developing (the book manuscript for “Networkologies: A Manifesto” is about 85% done!) is nothing if not a form of […]

  3. […] because the networkological approach I’m working on developing (the book manuscript for “Networkologies: A Manifesto” is about 85% done!) is nothing if not a form of […]

  4. A reference which could be useful to introduce a political perspective: Y. Rumpala, “Knowledge and praxis of networks as a political project”, Twenty-First Century Society, 4(3), Nov. 2009 (See also ).

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