Some Sunny Thoughts on the Recent Fracas . . .

I can’t express my relief enough that it seems that difficulties between me and Levi have come to an end, and hopefully, were only a set of misunderstandings in the first place. I really thought I had offended someone I had no intention of offending, and who has only been nice and cordial to me. I’m glad that’s over.

I’ve got an article deadline due, and final grades due by thursday (as I’m sure many of us do!), so I’m going to have to lay low for the next few days (and after the ‘excitement’ of the last two, I can very much see Graham’s point on sometimes needing a breather!).

But I think I’ve actually learned something really substantial from this whole affair. Namely, not to forget the deviousness of certain types of relations. Of course, I knew this already (ie: what Deleuze and Guattari call the ‘capitalist axiomatic’ and its ‘resonance machine’!), but in my passion for relations, its easy to gloss over these issues too quickly, and its important not to do so. So, I’ve certainly got to thank Levi for reminding me what happens if I do!

All of which convinces me that the relationalist and object-oriented sides of whatever ‘speculative realism’ may be often start in different places, but get to very similar places.

Sometimes I do think that perhaps what throws me most for a loop, as Adrian has suggested about OOO/OOP, is the name, but even that’s a necessary corrective in so many ways and I see the very real reasons for it.

I do think, despite the potential for some hurt feelings, that these sorts of debates are really productive. I’d actually like them to keep going, not till they get heated (which is often good in the long run, so long as it doesn’t get ‘personal’), until they get boring. I think we learn off each other so long as its not boring (and when it is, we’ll lose steam on our own).

Levi raises many really substantial points here and here that I want to address in detail when I can read his recent posts in depth and really think on them. I probably won’t be able to do that till the end of the week. But I will post some questions I have regarding OOO/OOP which have been revealed by this whole exchange in my next post.

And once again, best wishes to all involved in this discussion, its REALLY intellectually feeding me, for one, and helping me to refine what I’m trying to say as well!


~ by chris on May 10, 2010.

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