Updates on Works in Progress!

So, I’ve put up three new pages on the Networkologies website on the sidebar. The first two have full book descriptions for the two manuscripts that are now in final proofreading (after which I’ll send them out to look for publishers). So there’s a page for Networkologies: Towards a New Philosophy of Networks – A Manifesto (I’m not sure about the two subtitles here, any thoughts?), and its companion book, The Networked Mind: A New Image of Thought for a Hyperconnected Age. I also posted a link where I discuss future projects, not yet started (including The Networked Image, the work I’m going to start on next), which I’m in the process of brainstorming as these two projects start coming to a close.

These three pages will stay up on the website, be updated periodically, etc.

These ‘book descriptions’ I’ve posted, including general overview, table of contents, and chapter descriptions, will basically be the book proposals I’ll be sending out to publishers. I figured, why keep these documents I’m working on to myself? Why not get feedback on the book proposals from the blogging community? Certainly lots of the folks out there are either editors themselves (and if you are, please let me know, I can send you chapters or the full manuscripts on request!), or have published books in the past, so input and advice on this process and these preparatory documents from any and all would be incredibly appreciated.

Anyway, I’ll post these book descriptions in my next two blog posts for convenience’s sake. But please, email me if you have any inputs on changes you’d make in these before I send them to publishers as book proposals! Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks!



~ by chris on June 16, 2010.

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