Editing, Writing, Editing . . .

So, its been very quiet over here at Networkologies lately, because just about every weekend I’ve spent four days straight editing, writing, and editing. I really want to get the manifesto-book out to for publishers to look at before this semester ends, but once papers start rolling in to be graded, my ability to get anything done gets cut in half. So, I’ve been cramming a bit.

I’m amazed at how much time I’m spending going back and forth, network like, between parts of the manuscript. I just need to fix this one part, oh, but that means it needs to match with this part, which opens up a whole new issue that needs addressing. Slowly the text reconfigures, expands in tiny bits, needs some reorganizing in certain sections, a few things moved around, etc.

I don’t remember anything quite like this with the preceding manuscript, but I think this has to do with the difference between writing philosophy and writing ‘theory of computing’ or whatever its best to call that first manuscript. I think it also has to do with the type of philosophy, the nature of the hyperconnectedness of it all. No aspect of it can be out of sync with the others, because they all define themselves relationally as aspects of each other.

Anyway, just some updates. Things are going real well, but its a lotta work! Sometimes in the past that has lead me to more blog posts to let off some steam, but right now, I just feel hyperfocussed. At least its for writing, I figure.


~ by chris on September 28, 2010.

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