craziness from the blizzard in nyc

aight, doubt ya’ll had a nite like this last nite (but if so, do share!):

(from my facebook updates written once I got back in the house last nite):

“ok, this is crazy. I just spent the last half hour trying to figure out what to do about the car burning in the middle of the intersection right in front of my house. ran outside to make sure nobody was in the car, luckily seems no-one was hurt. cab driver standing next to it, as the flames engulfed the thing . . .
when I opened my door all I could see was black smoke and embers, ran
behind a parked car, saw nobody was in the one on fire, small electrical explosions so I was scared to run by it to get back to my door, seems the cars collided due to the snow, they plowed earlier but the winds are crazy they just blew the snow back on the roads. Called 911, they said they’d already gotten the call. I was worried that maybe the gas tank would explode, or the embers would set our house on fire! Finally firemen arrived, they couldn’t get to our intersection with the truck cause of the snow. They just looked at it, occasionally shoveled snow into it, but didn’t want to get too close. Finally it
calmed a bit, ran back in the house, walls of smoke covering my 2nd
story window, then in between saw the firemen finally walk a hose down
the block to put it out. It’s finally out now. My whole house smells
of smoke, and when I went into the bathroom to wash up, I noticed I
had ash on my face! holy crap.I mean, I’m in the middle of brooklyn,
just below prospect park. but I’ve never seen anything like this, I
mean, the flames were at least a foot above the roof of this cab, a
van knocked into it (I’m guessing the driver ran away?), and both
stuck in the middle of the street, and each time the fire leapt up,
embers literally licking my house. When I was hiding behind the car, I
was dodging embers. wow. luckily, seems all is fine now . . . but holy
crap . . .”

sounds a little melodramatic in hindsight, but it really was kinda crazy. I never found myself scared to run back into my house before because I was scared the bonfire/car in the middle of the street could have its gas tank explode (like the frequent small electrical explosions).

As of this morning, the charred remains of the taxi are abandoned in the middle of the intersection at midday, along with the van that crashed into it, another van, and an 18 wheeler, all beached in snowdrifts. This is different from the OTHER 18 wheeler that got beached earlier the day before and after many hours was dug out. The driver of the 18 wheeler is just sleeping in it. Many snowdrifts outside are waist high, haven’t seen this since the ‘blizzard of 96.’

from what I read, over 400 buses and 100 ambulances are stranded in snowdrifts around the city, people on the A train from howard beach were stranded w/o heat for 7 hours in a train till a rescue train could get to them, and many intersections have snowplows stranded in them. I read about one intersection in nearby brooklyn that has a bus, two snowplows, and several cars beached in the snowdrifts.



~ by chris on December 28, 2010.

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