“Networkologies: A New Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age” to be published by Zer0 books!

So, some really exciting news: Networkologies: A New Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age will be published by Zer0 books. Woohoo! This has been in the works for a while, but I wanted to wait until I signed the contract and sent it in to officially announce it on the blog, and I just went to the post-office today to send it off. Very exciting!

Things’ve been quiet here because in the meantime, I’ve been hard at work editing the text each weekend. Writing this book has been a very odd experience. Firstly, I had to write the entire networkologies project in first draft, in order to know where the project as a whole goes, before I could then spin back around and edit the first volume, which is what I’m doing now. So, there’s essentially three books worth of material here. But the way I write is that I produce text first, and then go back over it, and over different parts, until it shines.

I’ve told the editors at Zer0 that I will try to get them the finished manuscript by Sept 1, and I think I will hopefully have it done before that (but you never know). From what I’m told, it then takes about 6 months till folks can buy it on Amazon. So, my guess is it will be available for people to read it by January.

Parts of this book were published in Speculations I, but these parts have been radically reworked in the final draft as it is now emerging. Anything that seemed like a laundry list has been now been tightened so that everything is deduced from the structure of the network diagram and its concepts. The text reads a lot like Leibniz’s Monadololgy, and that was really the goal I set for myself: to write my own monadology. Its a whole new metaphysics, built around the following four concepts; node, link, ground, and network/level. This structure, known as a threeand, of a three which exceeds itself, is a manifestation of the oneand, or a one that exceeds itself.

Sections of the newly re-edited manuscript will be published in Speculations 2, coming out in June. These sections cover different areas than those in Speculations 1, and show more of the metaphysical side of the enterprise. In particular, there will be sections on why node, link, ground, and network/level are metaphysical concepts, and what that means, and also what the networkological project means by matrix, that of which mind and matter are two sides.

There are three major parts to the networkological endeavor: diagrammatology, matrixology, and network ethics. My guess is that the first book will include only the first, and hence, will deal with what is meant by the network diagram itself, and what it makes available to us in terms of what in traditional philosophy is called epistemology, metaphysics, and logic. Diagrammatology is concerned with the philosophy of networks as such, its concepts. Matrixology deals with the intersection of ontology and epistemology, or how networks appear the world. Network Ethics deals with the ethical, political, cultural, and aesthetic consequences of all this. Right now I’m debating between including Matrixology in the first book, and splitting the project in two, or putting it into its own volume, and do it in threes. Right now my guess is that if I just publish diagrammatology, it will come to about 80-100 pages, a nice, slim, but tight volume. If I include matrixology in this round, it’ll likely be about 300pgs. We’ll see as the final editing develops. With me, editing=rewriting, so it’s a lot of work!

In the most recent versions of the text, there’s basically not a single line that’s not absolutely necessary to the whole, because one of the principles of networkological thought is fractality. It’s a really challenging way to work, but it produces a crystalline text. It’s a crazy process, but I think it’s worth it at the end.

Anyway, really exciting stuff, so, will keep folks posted! And thanks for the interest from tons of folks, it’s so encouraging to hear from people interested in the project!

Best wishes,



~ by chris on March 3, 2011.

5 Responses to ““Networkologies: A New Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age” to be published by Zer0 books!”

  1. congrats Chris, i can’t wait to read it!

    • thanks a lot! can’t wait till this stuff gets out there, glad to know there’s actually people who are interested 🙂

      • no problem Chris. Your description is intriguing – and i’m especially interested in what you will do with the “matrixology” part. I have been thinking about matrices since 1995 but have never jumped into a specific project. It brings to mind Indra’s jeweled net – and what we might make of a thoroughly perspectival and participatory epistemology. The way forward, i feel, might be through the networked ‘enactment’ of worlds that are nodes…

        Anyway, I’m excited about your project and will wait to see how it plays out.



  2. Congrats and I’m glad that Speculations was able to act as a forum to help the book come together!

  3. Looking forward to it, Chris! It sounds fascinating, & I like what I’ve seen so far… Good luck with the rest.

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