‘Speculations, Volume 2’ released today, with new Networkology article!

Speculations: The Journal of Speculative Realism, Vol. 2

Just got word that volume 2 of Speculations, the Journal of Speculative Realism, was released today! Woohoo! The entire issue can be downloaded as a pdf file here. My article is towards the middle.

This new networkologies article presents the most powerful networkological work put in public to date. The article in the preceding volume of Speculations was mostly preparatory, laying the groundwork and presenting the context for the much more crucial statement in this article, in which large swaths of the project as a whole is captured in miniature.

There are two parts to this new article in Speculations 2. The first part describes the conceptual apparatus known as ‘the network diagram’. It is composed of four elements – the node, link, ground, and network/level. These four elements are described as philosophical concepts in the fullest sense of the word. That is, these four elements, which find their most immediate context in mathematics, are reworked so as to function as truly metaphysical notions. If you want to get a sense of the core of the project, it’s essential metaphysics, this is a great place to start. A reworked version of this section will be in the book length vol 1. (diagrammatology) of Networkologies due to be published by Zer0 books next spring.

The second section of this article comes from the drafts for the second volume (matrixology) of Networkologies, and shows how a networked approach relates to some of the basic issues of the physical world, such as mind, matter, space, time, knowledge, etc. Thus, some of the potentials of the first part are shown thereby. My hope is that by combining these two, readers can get a sense of the project’s metaphysical and physical side.

Both of these excerpts remain works in progress, the versions you see here were submitted in February, and have already been modified. The second part is not being reworked at this point, because I’m concentrating on getting vol 1 of the Zer0 book finished, while an expanded and polished version of the first part of this article will appear in the book in question.

Anyway, so exciting, and I’m very much looking forward to reading the work of the other contributors as well. It’s great to see that in the speculative realist movement in general, there is birth to new philosophy once again!

Also, many, MANY thanks to Paul Ennis, Thomas Gokey, Fabio Gironi, and Michael Austin for putting this all together and keeping it going. Woohoo!

Ok, full table of contents listed below.


Tractatus Mathematico-Politicus – Christopher Norris

The Philosopher, the Sophist, the Undercurrent and Alain Badiou – Marianna Papastefanou

On the Reality and Construction of Hyperobjects with reference to Class – Levi Bryant

Structure, Sense, and Territory – Michael Austin

The Anxiousness of Objects – Robert Jackson

The Cubist Object – Hilan Bensusan

On the possibility of ignorance in Meillassoux – Josef Moshe

Sublime Objects – Tim Morton

Unknowing Animals – Nicola Masciandaro

Positions Papers and Interview

Networkologies II – Christopher Vitale

‘Girls Welcome!!!’ – Michael O’Rourke

‘Science and Philosophy’ Interview with Sean Carroll – Fabio Gironi

Book Reviews

Review of Eugene Thacker’s After Life – Anthony Paul Smith

Review of Jussi Parikka’s Insect Media – Beatrice Marovich

Review of Graham Harman’s Towards Speculative Realism – Fintan Neylan


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