Protests in Spain: Against Bipartisanship, For Minority Parties

Turns out there’s some really interesting protests going on in Spain right now, with the major squares in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia all occupied for days by protester villages, despite police pressure to leave. The ’15th of May’ movement, according to many, is against any of the major parties currently in power, particularly the main 2-3, and it’s being seen as a general call for a break with business as usual, bipartisanship rule by the two major political parties that are simply two flavors of the same, and expanded rights for minority parties. With major elections in two days, could lead to big changes. For more info, check out El Pais.

Basically, a search for another way. If only things like that were happening here, where our Democrat-Republican stranglehold on the government keeps Wall Street and monopoly capitalism in firm control of everything . . .


~ by chris on May 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Protests in Spain: Against Bipartisanship, For Minority Parties”

  1. Thanks for bringing attention to this. I live in Barcelona and it’s frustrated (if not surprised) me that the English language press has been so slow to pick up on the story. Local and regional elections take place tomorrow and protesters have defied a government ban to remain on the streets throughout the week. They’re well organised, with kitchens, workshops and debating areas set up in the main squares of towns and cities across Spain. It’s heartening to see.

  2. I thank you too for bringing attention into this, we appreciate your support, and I personally appreciate what you do in this blog. We are in the same struggle.

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