Website Updates, and New Texts for Download

Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve just spent a few days revamping this website, in preparation for the official publication of my new book, Networkologies: A Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age – A Manifesto, which is just about to be published by Zer0 Books.
Firstly, I’ve just uploaded two new texts that I wrote in the past that may be of interest – a book review for Steve Shaviro’s “Post-Cinematic Affect,” and an analysis of the logics of time-travel film in light of quantum physics, and the structure of Rian Johnson’s 2012 film “Looper.”
Mostly, however, the new version of the website now has links on the sidebar where you can download in pdf format the supplemental texts/works in progress I wrote before this in preparation for the Zer0 book, and which I will subsequently be working on bringing to publication in update format as time permits in order to fill out the networkological project into a multi-volume whole. These manuscripts include
– “Networlds: Networks and Philosophy From Experience to Meaning” (225 pgs), a very user-friendly introduction to the philosophy of networks from the standpoint of ‘everyday life.’ The Zer0 book was originally the introduction to this text, but it got too long, so I just published the introduction/manifesto. Highly polished text.
– “Netlogics: How to Diagram the World With Networks” (265 pgs), the original book I wrote on philosophy of networks which really has the entire project as a whole, but I decided was too dense to publish first, and so started writing Networlds. Needs minor modifications to fit the current form of the project, but otherwise highly polished draft.
– “The Networked Mind: Artificial Intelligence, “Soft-Computing,” and the Futures of Philosophy (234 pgs). The first book-draft I wrote, a sort of preface to the philosophy of networks, one steeped in the science and technology of networks, and shows the need for a philosophy of networks. It was from this that the rest of the project grew. The draft needs some work in terms of editing, and I am currently working on fixing-up this one first as the next volume to be published in the series. While the start of the text still needs some work, I’ve used middle sections of the text with students in class, and they say it is much clearer than already published sources on the materials at hand.
– My Dissertation, “The Untimely Richard Bruce Nugent” (351 pgs), an intersectional analysis of the work of the only openly ‘bisexual’ author and visual artist of the Harlem Renaissance. The work acts shows why an intersectional and networked approach to historiography and identity helps demonstrate the richness of Nugent’s overdetermined gestures, and how these resonate not only with Nugent’s time and our own, but the hermeneutics of reading the past which relate these in light of the rise of queer studies, women of color feminism, and other post-identity-political forms of interpretation.
Best wishes to all!

~ by chris on October 31, 2014.

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  1. thanks for sharing these texts, cheers

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