Murder of Black People, Structural Racism, and Trump’s Presidency Must End.

We need to speak with one voice: the murder of Black and Brown people, citizen or otherwise, at the hands of police, ICE, border patrol, the placing of children in cages – must come to an end NOW. We must demand new legislation and regulations that make it all but impossible for the senseless slaughter of Black folks like George Floyd, Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, Freddie Gray, Michael Fergusen, and sooo many others killed by police violence. This must stop, we must all cry out, the time is now. We need to take to the streets to demand change, take to the streets in such numbers that it is no longer possible for our often corrupt elected officials to once again ignore the need for change.

Donald Trump is a sociopath. He does not care at all the suffering and death his actions inflict on others. His inaction and obfuscation has lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of citizens, and disproportionately, Black citizens. He has staked his campaign from the start on racism, and his actions have lead to a massive deepening of the structural racism which perpetuates the tide of death of Black and Brown people at the hands of our institutions and various forms of extra-legal violence. Trump put children in cages, most likely damaging the neural development of thousands of the most vulnerable refugee children fleeing violence which, in many cases, is the direct or indirect result of US policies, arising from before this administration, but massively intensified by this one. Trump does not care how much death he causes Black and Brown people, citizens or otherwise. Donald Trump is a sociopath.

Donald Trump is a fascist, a racist, and a demagogue. We have always known this, but deploying US military on US soil in a police capacity, to “manage” and intimidate protest no less, is yet the newest evidence of this. As military vehicles deploy on the civilian streets of DC, can we be sure that, using ’emergency’ as an excuse, that November’s elections will proceed? Trump’s demagoguery is of the sort that the framers of the constitution, for all their many flaws, rightly feared. Congress should prepare new articles of impeachment, for abuse of power, based on this one deed. Not for violation of law, as he may be covered by technicality, but for abuse of power, as is their congressional prerogative. Donald Trump is a fascist, a racist, and a demagogue.

The time has come for all of us to take to the streets and rise against this racist, fascist, sociopathic, lawbreaking, demagogic presidency, to take to the streets until Congress has no alternative but to bow to popular pressure and impeach this President and end the suffering he inflicts on this country and the world. This is a presidency likely compromised by Putin’s security forces from the start, who as a candidate emerged into politics in birtherism and bigotry against Mexican and Black people, that entrenches structural racism and encourages racist bigotry in many forms at any and all opportunities. We must rise to the streets and make our voice heard, the time for radical change is now, the time is now to take to the streets and demand change. Wear masks, try to social distance, but demand change.

This president believes in nothing but increase in his own power and wealth. It is a disgrace he has risen to where he has, and it is our moral duty to cry with one voice for our lawmakers to remove him now. Laws need to be passed to separate news from opinion, in the mode of the BBC, as was the case from WWII to Reagan. For all the down-sides of such a move, the opinion based “news” organizations that have stoked the racist and fascist cultural climate have created a movement which has taken control of an already morally bankrupt Republican party, and made them fear the mob that Trump sees as his own extension. The Internet and Big Tech that provide platforms of various social media need to be nationalized and regulated as a utility, like the electric company, for the public good, made accountable to the public, so that transparency and governance makes it all but impossible for overseas funding and bots to stoke divisions between us. It was a lack of understanding the powers of mass culture and the new media of radio that allowed fascism to arise in the early part of the century. We need to understand the deep danger our new forms of media pose, and regulate them under oversight to the public, as quickly as possible. We fail to do so at our peril.

The United States was founded on slavery, Black death, oppression, and Europe on slavery, colonialism, and the crusades. Reparations are needed to combat the centuries of theft of the future from the Black, Brown, and Asian people of the world, and most egregiously and systematically from enslavement and exploitation of Black people for centuries. No Native American or Black American or European should ever need to pay a cent for healthcare or education, for a start, and reparations should begin funding a pouring of money into Black, Brown, Latinx, Asian, and Native American neighborhoods in this country, lowering class sizes, building schools and hospitals, until the best schools and hospitals in the country, flush with the best nurses, doctors, and teachers, are in the poorest parts of the country.

This is where reparations can start.  From there, inheritance and wealth need to be taxed to such a massive extent that the largest distribution of wealth in the history of the world from rich to poor can be produced. Inheritance beyond a few sentimental items is rendered unnecessary when there is a true social safety net, and only perpetuates inequality and makes the social “playing field” unequal. Wealth, not income, is what needs to be taxed if we are to truly level the playing field in society, and that money can fund free tuition and healthcare for all, debt relief for all students, and once this is a reality, to invest heavily in Black, Brown, and Native American parts of our country which, due to structural racism, have been starved of the sorts of social supports which make it possible for those born with White privilege to climb the ranks of society more than others.

White privilege is a crime against the world. All of us must do whatever we can to ensure that White privilege and structural White supremacy are systematically unraveled and undermined. Anti-immigrant policies, including any which extract labor of “undocumented” immigrants without offering the protections of “citizens,” are a crime against the world. Toxic masculinity, particular in its normative heterosexist forms, are also crimes against the world, and against the women, queer, transgender, and others in the world oppressed for gender and sexuality, not to mention how toxic masculinity and racism have supported each other in myriad ways.

Capitalo-racism is the logic of Euro-American imperialism which created the world we live in, and in such a way as to write the history books and make its structures seem to be “simply the way things are,” but these are not how things need to remain. The world can change if we all take to the streets to demand change. We cannot remain complicitly silent. The time for taking to the streets and calling for radical change is now.







~ by chris on June 3, 2020.

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