“Networkologies: A Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age” (Zer0 Books, Fall 2014)



Networkologies: A  Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age – A Manifesto has now been published by Zer0 Books as of November 2014, and can be obtained on Amazon here.

Many precursor and supplementary texts can be found throughout this website.

9 Responses to ““Networkologies: A Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age” (Zer0 Books, Fall 2014)”

  1. […] let me talk about Network Ethics a bit. In my nearly complete manifesto book, an entire third of the text is devoted to network ethics. And within network ethics, there is only […]

  2. […] currently working on developing under the notion of ‘network ethics’ in one of my works in progress. This summary of some basic ideas was originally posted on my personal blog, Networkologies, to […]

  3. […] like a lot of other cool texts I´m psyched to read, is the first part of my work in progress, Networkologies: Towards a Philosophy of Networks – A Manifesto. This article is the first part of the book in progress (click the link to see the full […]

  4. Fascinating content. When do you expect it to go live?

    Curious if you have worked with “circumstance,” as Deleuze describes it, and its impact/influence on the development of ideas. Also, do you see potential parallels between circumstance and perspective?

    I’ve played with concept/model as one node in a network with different circumstances or perspectives linked to that node, but have not developed it much further. Any suggestions on where to look/consider?

    Also, I’m interested in your opinion of James Moffat’s Net warfare writing, especially his deploying of fluid dynamic models to explain/show complexity/ complex systems.


  5. […] Excerpt from the Manifesto Manuscript So, I’ve been spending a lot of time editing the ‘Networkologies – A Manifesto’ lately to get some sections to some colleagues. Here’s one section I recently wrote while […]

  6. […] project, I’m hoping sometime towards the end of the summer, and it is described here. While a prelim version of the first tiny section of the second book has been published here, most […]

  7. […] clear that Hegel’s been very much on my mind recently. The reason for this has to do with the book manuscript. Right now I’m doing final cleanup, from here to final proofread and reworking the […]

  8. Amazing work, many thanks!!

  9. […] Vitale, Networkologies: https://networkologies.wordpress.com/work-in-progress-networkologies/ […]

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