New ‘Mini-Essays’ Tab on the Blog

So I just added a new feature to my blog page: underneath ‘recent posts’, there’s a list of all the posts on this blog that aren’t just occasional thoughts, news, or replies to another blogger, but really substantive mini-essays on a given topic.

My sense is that without that feature, people who come to your blog may miss really substantive posts, not want to plow through tons of occasional posts to get to them, etc. So this should make finding these a lot easier from the main page. And that way work I’m happy with doesn’t get buried, but is available easy access.

I’ve got a list of these mini-essays below, for any that are interested. In actuality, many of these could, with some effort, be turned into a journal articles in their own right. But time is limited, and I’m working on my book manuscripts, so for now, these pieces, while substantial, will remain blog posts. But at least their easier to find now.

Mini-Essay Titles:


~ by chris on October 16, 2010.

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